X-ray technology is at the beginning of a digital revolution that will transform the Canadian healthcare system by detecting diseases, like cancer and heart disease, faster, more accurately, and with less radiation than traditional X-ray machines, allowing patients to begin treatment sooner.

A digital X-ray developed in Waterloo has better image quality and lower radiation than its older counterparts and is more affordable to manufacture.

CAAP Company: KA Imaging Receives $1M to develop low-cost lung screening

The new money from federally funded Grand Challenges Canada will help KA Imaging build a prototype and test it in the field in Zambia by the end of the year.

Kitchener startup gets $1M to develop low-cost lung screening

A startup developing a low-cost, high-resolution digital X-ray imager to detect lung disease in developing nations has received a $1-million boost.

Six Canadian Innovations Scaling Up to Improve Global Health

Six Canadian innovations showing evidence of early promise for improving
global health will “transition-to-scale” thanks to new support from Grand Challenges Canada,
funded by the Government of Canada.