Our dedicated team has developed a patent protected pixel design, making the X-Ray detectors 40% more sensitive than any existing digital imaging product in the market. Typically, the light sensor used in most X-Ray devices falls on the Flat Panel Detectors in a vertical position. At KA Imaging, we alter the positioning of the light sensor; because of the horizontal light sensor, the Flat Panel Detectors capture 95% of the light that falls on the scintillator. This significantly reduces the levels of radiation required to capture the image, and the exposure to anyone in contact with the device.

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The single exposure dual energy X-Ray imager, patented, improves visualization of materials with varying densities, comparable to CT scans at a 50X lower X-Ray dose.

Last but not the least, our detectors are build using the LCD manufacturing process, thereby eliminating the need for a large capital investment, often perceived as a barrier to entry.

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