In memory of sina ghanbarzadeh

Sina Ghanbarzadeh, KA Imaging’s co-founder, passes away

Aged 31, Sina was battling lymphoma for over a year


It is with great sorrow and sadness that we inform that our co-founder Sina Ghanbarzadeh passed away this Monday, Feb 15 2020. Sina was battling lymphoma for over a year. He did not give up the fight and stood strong as long as he could, his mental fortitude was strong and willing. 

We devote our lives to the development of new and efficient X-ray imaging technologies.

We believe that the responsible use of X-ray can make a difference, improving efficiency, faster and more accurate decision making be it in healthcare or other applications.

We exist with the ambitious goal of positively impacting lives, working hard to achieve innovative X-ray everywhere.

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