inCiTe Photo Friday: Connections in Flexible Electronics

Flexible electronics is a technology making remarkable progress and increasing in importance in many sectors including healthcare, automotive and retail. It allows electronic circuits to be built on flexible substrates, which makes them bendable and stretchable.

Flexible, thin and light electronics allow designers to keep creating new products in innovative ways, but because the electronics can be so miniscule, it is important that designers have clear images of the work they are doing.

KA Imaging’s inCiTe™ Micro CT is the first X-ray analytical tool utilizing new, high spatial resolution detector technology, It enables propagation-based phase contrast imaging to enhance detail of fine structures, which is suitable for this type of work. The system is user-friendly and allows for a high degree of automation. inCiTe™ could greatly benefit designers innovating next generation products in many sectors.

These images show how KA Imaging’s inCiTe™ can magnify the hidden connections in flexible electronics.

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