Reveal: Frequently Asked Questions

Reveal 35C: Frequently Asked Questions


Technology Overview

What is dual-energy subtraction (DES) X-ray, the different types of technology to obtain DES, limitations and advantages. 

Real Cases

Learn more about different clinical applications.

Clinical Trials

1. What is dual-energy X-ray?

Professor Karim S Karim explains dual-energy X-ray and how it improves visualization of tissue and bones.

2. Why is KA Imaging’s dual-energy X-ray technology better?

Dual-energy X-ray has been around for 30 years. However, the old dual-energy technology has some flaws that cannot be ignored: motion artifacts are relatively common, and the technology is not portable. Reveal, on the other hand, is motion artifact free and portable. Learn more in this short video.

3. Has Reveal been tested in a clinical environment?

Our president and CEO Amol Karnick presents the first clinical trial from KA Imaging.

4. What is DQE?

Our president and CEO Amol Karnick explains the importance of DQE – Detective Quantum Efficiency.

5. What does retrofittable mean?

Do you have to invest in a full new system to get dual-energy x-ray? Short answer is… NO! A retrofittable detector can upgrade your regular X-ray system.

6. Dual energy in a single exposure… how is it possible?

This looks like the one million dollar question. How did we do it? It’s an amazing engineering feat.