Webinar: Saving Costs and Optimizing ICU Use with Dual-energy Subtraction

Dr. Karim S. Karim, CTO of KA Imaging, and Jay Potipcoe, Applications Specialist, presented a free 60-minute live webinar on Wednesday, October 27 about Saving Costs and Optimizing ICU use with dual energy subtraction. Through the presentation, attendees learned about dual-energy subtraction X-ray imaging, had access to real cases, and delved into the specific use case of pneumonia. With data obtain from a mid-size Canadian community hospital and dual energy clinical data, the modality was presented as a solution that can save costs as well as free up ICU bed capacity – a topic that continues to be relevant as the COVID-19 pandemic pressures healthcare systems globally. More than 90 people registered from all over around the world. According to the attendees, the session on dual energy subtraction X-ray imaging was quite positive and informative.

Webinar: Saving Costs and Optimizing ICU use with dual-energy subtraction 

Date: October 27 

Time: 12:00 pm EST 


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