BrillianSe™ X-RAY CAMERA

KA Imaging is introducing its patented amorphous selenium (a-Se) BrillianSe X-ray camera for high brilliance imaging. The hybrid a-Se/CMOS detector uses an a-Se photoconductor with high intrinsic spatial resolution for direct conversion of X-ray photons to electric charge. The electronic signal is then read out by a low noise CMOS active pixel sensor (APS). Without the need to first convert X-ray photons to visible light, as in indirect scintillator-based approaches, thinning of the conversion layer to minimize optical scatter is not necessary. BrillianSe™ provides a unique combination of high spatial resolution using 8 μm pixels, and high Detective Quantum Efficiency (DQE) for energies up to 110 keV. This combination enables efficient imaging at low flux and high energy, as well as propagation-based (grating less) in-line phase-contrast enhancement for improved sensitivity when imaging low-density materials.

Key applications 

  • Low density material phase contrast 
  • Synchrotron micro-nano CT 
  • High energy diffraction imaging 
  • Coherent diffraction imaging 

Superior features


The direct conversion approach allows a thick conversion layer and operation at 100% fill factor high DQE. At 35 keV, BrillianSe ™ has a market leading combination of high DQE (40% at 10 cycle/mm) and a small point-spread function (PSF) (1.1 pixel).


This facilitates imaging for low flux applications such as X-ray diffraction, dose sensitive protein crystallography or throughput-limited imaging of materials with and without phase-contrast.

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Use the slider to see how phase contrast improves the image quality.:

With phase contrast Without phase contrast

With phase contrast Without phase contrast


Sensor type

Amorphous Selenium with CMOS APS

Pixel Pitch

8 μm

DQE at 35 keV

40% at 10 cycles/mm

X-ray Phase-Contrast

Propagation – based

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