Reveal™ 35C


KA Imaging’s Reveal™ provides better images than the current options in the market, excelling at applications involving metal and plastic separation, hidden defects detection and hidden compartment screening.

Using a single exposure with a conventional X-Ray source, Reveal™ can generate three types of images: traditional DR, low-density and high-density materials. This single exposure eliminates the motion artifact problem observed in traditional dual-energy systems that require two exposures. The detector’s unique energy features can be customized simply through software settings to distinguish various types of high and low-density materials. Reveal™ comes in a standard ISO 4090 35 cm x 43 cm size, which can be retrofitted onto existing systems.

Advanced features 

  • Advanced material separation 
  • Portable and retrofittable 
  • Wireless capabilities 
  • Single exposure, no motion artifact 
  • Hot swappable battery 
  • Automatic Exposure Detection 


Flexible business models

KA Imaging offers two different models to address your needs. Choose between Capital Purchase with Service or Hardware as a Service. Available in the USA and Canada. Contact us to learn more.


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