Reveal™ 35C


With a single exposure, Reveal™ delivers multiple diagnostic images, differentiating bone and soft tissue without motion artifacts.



Using KA Imaging’s patented technology, this detector goes beyond traditional Dual-Energy systems that require two exposures. At the same time, Reveal™ maintains low radiation exposure to the veterinary radiologist and the animal being imaged.



– FDA 510(k) cleared

– Health Canada approved


Equine and small animal imaging 

The advanced differentiation of bone and tissue in diagnostic imaging allows for better visualization of cartilage calcification and tiny kidney stones, among other applications.



Reveal is the world’s first portable dual-energy detector, and can be taken in the field. 



Whereas fixed dual-energy systems can cost as high as half a million dollars, KA Imaging’s Reveal is highly affordable at less than ¼ of this price. 


Upgrade any existing system 

Any facility can now benefit immediately from higher sensitivity X-ray imaging by simply adding dual energy capability to any installed fixed or portable X-ray machines. 


Patented technology  

Learn how our technology works.


Flexible business models

KA Imaging offers two different models to address your needs. Choose between Capital Purchase with Service or Hardware as a Service. Available in the USA and Canada. Contact us to learn more.

We’re looking for clinical and enterprise partners as we expand. Contact Us to receive more details.

Reveal simultaneously acquires 3 images in one single shot, improving visualization of bone and tissue. Use the slider to transition between a traditional DR and the two dual-energy images created by Reveal.

Digital Radiography Bone Image

Digital Radiography Soft tissue image


DQE (0) 75% of Csl

Power Battery and/or Tethered

Lossless AED

Soft and Hard Tissue Subtraction


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