The inCiTe™ micro-CT scanner from KA Imaging is the first commercial X-ray CT scanner that utilizes BrillianSe™, a patented high spatial resolution amorphous selenium (a-Se) detector technology exclusively developed by KA Imaging.

High spatial resolution and detection efficiency of BrillianSe™ x-ray camera enables rapid phase contrast imaging and conventional micro-CT in a portable benchtop system.

Fields that can benefit from this technology include non-destructive testing (NDT), additive manufacturing, electronics, agriculture, geology, preclinical imaging, and specimen radiography.

Exclusive amorphous selenium (a-Se) detector 

A unique combination of high spatial resolution and detection efficiency


Phase contrast technology 

Phase contrast technology for superior contrast 


Better visualization of low-density materials 

Excellent visualization of biomaterials, polymer composites and other low-density materials 


Patented technology  

Learn how our technology works.


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Use the slider to see how phase contrast improves the image quality:

With phase contrast Without phase contrast

With phase contrast Without phase contrast


X-ray Detector

16MP CMOS Detector, 8μm pitch, 14 bit resolution

Spatial Resolution

11 μm ( 0.5 MTF at 45 cycles/mm) 5.6 μm ( 0.1 MTF at 90 cycles/mm)

X-ray Source

40-110 KV, 16 W, 2 μm spot size

X-ray Phase-Contrast

Propagation – based

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