Reveal™enables bone and soft-tissue differentiation without motion artifacts in a single X-ray exposure. In other words, with one shot, the detector simultaneously delivers DR, bone, and tissue images.


FDA 510(k) cleared (Available for sale in the USA)


Health Canada approved (Available for sale in Canada)

Clinical Applications

Reveal can replace existing x-ray detectors and provide radiologists with unobstructed front and lateral views of the lungs and bones, which can aid in the visualization of pneumonia, fractures, catheters (i.e. tubes and PICC lines), and masses with high sensitivity. The soft tissue and bone images are sharp and free of motion artifacts, which increases the diagnostic sensitivity.



Reveal is the world’s first portable dual-energy detector, and can be taken to the bedside of patients, as well as in the field.



Whereas fixed dual-energy systems can cost as high as half a million dollars, KA Imaging’s Reveal is highly affordable at less than ¼ of this price.

Upgrade any existing system

Any hospital can now benefit immediately from higher sensitivity X-ray imaging by simply adding dual energy capability to any installed fixed or portable X-ray machines.


Patented technology

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Flexible business models

KA Imaging offers two different models to address your needs. Choose between Capital Purchase with Service or Hardware as a Service. Available in the USA and Canada. 

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Reveal simultaneously acquires 3 images in one single shot, improving visualization of bone and tissue. Use the slider to transition between a traditional DR and the two dual-energy images created by Reveal.


Clinical Case: Discover hidden masses in a lateral chest X-ray. Learn more

Clinical Case: Discover hidden masses in a PA chest X-ray. Learn more

Reveal™ 35C 3D Experience

Access the 3D demo to manipulate the Reveal 35C , see some of its applications and real cases. It’s a full resource library at your fingertips.


“In the first 34 patients, Reveal’s dual energy capabilities have already helped find pneumonia with higher confidence. We are continuing to image and will be adding a second system to increase our imaging capacity.”
Patrik Rogalla
“Dual-energy images from the Reveal detector helped find lung nodules and scarring that were hard to pick up on the X-ray image. The dual-energy images also showed positioning of lines and tubes very clearly, which can be difficult to appreciate on portable X-ray images.”
Vikram Venkatesh
It represents a huge improvement for our ICU population who are suffering right now from COVID-19, from bad pneumonia... When you can go in there, bring the detector directly to the patient and see so much more by taking this image, it makes a big difference.
Mary May
Supervisor, General Radiography and CT
I think the patients with the least mobility will be impacted the most. If we can take the imaging test to them, that makes a really big difference. Overall, just the sheer dose level being cut down to significant amount of dose makes it the kind of imaging technology that is worth to have.
Sandeep Ronghe
Medical Imaging Technologist
Reveal 35C can quickly enhance the efficacy and operations of any imaging department. I saw the direct positive impact on a patient’s care. It allowed me to make a more confident, accurate diagnosis, saving the patient time and avoiding additional radiation from unnecessary testing.
Dr. Dave Steiger
Chief of Radiology


DQE (0) 75% of Csl

Power Battery and/or Tethered

Lossless AED

Soft and Hard Tissue Subtraction


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